Treasury Services

Our bank accounts give you the freedom to manage your money and make a better investment for the future

Some benefits of our Savings and Investment accounts


Know your money’s safe when making payments in-store, online or overseas

Grow your business

Give Start-Up advice and assistance

Improve cash management

Optimise all your cash flow with a single view of all accounts and positions

Open a gateway to lending

Boost your cash flow with overdrafts, revolving credit and debtor or structured finance

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To provide domestic and international banking services with a strategic focus on project financing, trade financing, export development, and SME financing.Geniune Investment Capital is committed to playing a positive and innovative role in the financial intermediation process and, most importantly, to offer the best banking services to the business community.

The Bank provides fund management services for the Government agencies and other external donor agencies that provide funds for onward lending for specific purposes.

The types of funds managed by the Bank include the following:

  • Trade and Investment Programme for Non-Traditional Export (TIP/NTE)
  • DANIDA Capital Fund for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs)
  • GTZ/ Small and Micro Enterprise Promotion Fund (SMEPF)

Customers may invest funds in a fixed/time deposit account to earn interest over a fixed term.

    Fixed terms available are:

  • 30 days
  • 91 days
  • 365 days

Fixed terms available are:

  • Rollover with Interest

The initial investment, together with the interest earned is rolled over for another term.

  • Rollover without Interest

The initial investment without the interest earned is rolled over for another term. The interest earned is paid to the customer.

  • Mo Rollover

The initial investment and interest earned are paid back to the customer.

Customers may invest in Treasury Bills (T-Bills), a short term investment product (from 91 to 365 days) issued by the Government.

T-Bill investments have similar characteristics as Time Deposits. The key difference is that T-Bills are held by the central bank whilst Time Deposits are held by individual banks.

Just like Time Deposits, a T-Bill investment upon maturity can have any of the following options depending on the investor's specification:

  • Rollover with interest
  • Rollover without interest
  • No Rollover